I’m so happy to break out this gnome pen again to sign a couple more contracts with Page Street Kids! Recently, my second picture book was announced. NOVA THE STAR EATER will see the light of day in spring of 2019! This idea popped into my head as I listened to my oldest son wax on about various Pokemon characters. Yep, Pokemon. He mentioned one was a star eater. A star eater?!? That set my mind on fire. What if there was a star eater? What if it came into our solar system? What if this star eater ate the sun? And out popped Nova. I hope she will make you giggle as much as she made me. The puns go for days in this one.

<—- That pen also signed another picture book contract, my third, with Page Street Kids. More on that very soon.

Also, my lyrical picture book manuscript WANTED: DUSK RAIDERS placed fourth in the children’s/YA category of the Writer’s Digest 86th Annual Writing Competition. Humbled by the honor.