2018 Goals!

This is neither a book nor a pie, but I need to put my 2018 goals out into the ether. It helps me be more accountable. Do you feel the same, or do you like to keep your goals to yourself? Either way, writing down your goals plants the carrot. The carrot you will chase to achieve what you want. You’ve got somewhere to go–a direction–so get going.

Here are my goals for 2018:

  • Write 12 new picture book manuscripts (with the help of 12X12! Love this community!)
  • Finish editing my middle grade novel, have alpha/beta reads, finalize and send to my agent
  • Sell one book (A pie-in-the-sky, but why not?)
  • Create an author website
  • Go to at least three kidlit conferences
  • Continue to share my knowledge of online/Twitter contests with others pursuing agents/publishers
  • Do at least two guest blog posts or Q&As (I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer of For the Love of Kidlit about being a debut picture book author. Here’s the blog post, if you are so inclined. I really loved her questions. So, I’m half way to this goal!)
  • Read 24 novels and 50 picture books, and keep track of my progress on Goodreads
  • Write reviews for the books I enjoyed and continue to share the love for my fellow authors
  • Continue to volunteer with Austin SCBWI and support those who love to write for kiddos!
  • Practice self-care and work in writing exercises for me

Feel free to share your goals or poke fun at mine or whatever! Here’s to writing it up in 2018!

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